Athletico Newsletter December Edition

Fri 29th Dec 2017 - 8:00am : General

CS:GO Gold

Our CS:GO Gold team had an eventful month thus far playing in both the WESG (World Electronic Sports Games) Qualifier and the CyberGamer Professional League Championships. The WESG Qualifier was held on the 8th of December in an online event. We played first against Kings Gaming Club where, unfortunately, we ceded both matches in the best of three and ended our run in WESG.  

The CGPL Championships was held over the weekend of the 16th and 17th, and it proved to be an exciting event. On the first day we played MasterMinds, GroundZero and Tainted Minds. The two games against MasterMinds proved to be a confidence booster coming into the tournament as we secured wins on both of the maps. Next we were up against Tainted Minds, the first game was a struggle and we ceded the win. During the second match put up a valiant fight, finishing with a score of 12 - 16 and securing a win for Tainted Minds. The final game saw us battle the full best of three against GroundZero. While we lost the first map, we took the second two which finished our day with a score of 2 - 1.

The second proved equally as challenging as we faced Legacy first up. We managed to take the games in two matches and moved on to combat Tainted Minds once again. Despite the loss, Athletico Gold did not give in easily, particularly on the second map which finished 13 - 16. With the tournament concluded, Athletico Gold placed 3rd, behind Tainted Minds and Chiefs Esports Club. An absolutely excellent result for the first event played with our new roster, and we are all looking forward to see what the team can achieve in the future!

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CS:GO Academy

CyberGamer’s Summer Slam 3 was the biggest event for our Academy team this month, and what a successful month it was. Playing against Forsaken Gaming, Invaders and Slim Shakespeare, our team secured victories against all three. It’s a fantastic result for the team and we’re all looking forward to similar results in the coming year!

Rainbow Six Siege

It has not been a quiet end to the year for our R6 squad as they competed this month in the Rainbow Six Invitational. With a total of six matches played, the team achieved an incredible score of 4 wins and 2 losses. On the 3rd of December we played against Onyxian and secured a well-earned victory in the best of three. Next, Control Esports fell to our squad as we took the best of three with relative ease and scores of 5 - 0 and 5 - 2 respectively. The next two games were played on the following weekend of 10th of December against Taboo Esports Club and MindFreak. Taboo ESC put up courageous fight but our squad took a 2 - 0 victory nonetheless. MindFreak, however, proved a much greater challenge and secured a two wins in the best of three. The weekend of the 17th saw an equally as volatile set of matches as we faced off against Corvidae and MindFreak, once again. Playing our only set of three matches against Corvidae proved a nerve racking experience for our squad but didn’t throw them off the game as we secured victory, 2 - 1. Finally, we played faced MindFreak again, unfortunately with a similar outcome as the previous matches. We didn’t give them the victory without a struggle, however, though the final score was 0 - 2. That concluded the R6 Invitationals for December, but the team will be back in the New Year ready to take on any and all matches that come their way!


Call of Duty

The Call of Duty World League is in full swing and our CoD team participated in two Major League Gaming 2Ks this month. The first of these was held on the 3rd of December and consisted of 6 games played throughout the day. Our squad secured wins against 2kkk, Ivy League AU, AiMsian, Tainted Minds and Baha in best of fives. The only loss was against SYF Gaming, which is a great outcome for the players. The second MLG 2k was held on December 17th with a further six matches. The event culminated in a similar fashion to previous with 5 wins and 1 loss. Our wins were against !eMG, Rhymers, Regenerated and Tainted Minds. The singular was against MindFreak. At the end of both events Athletico is sitting on 13,740 PPP and 5th on the ladder, behind MindFreak, SYF Gaming, Taboo Esports Club and Tainted Minds.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground

Our Athletico PUBG team has participated in the GZ League since the beginning of December. Thus far, 3 sets have been played consisting of 3 games each. Our players put on an incredible performance, finishing 4th, 7th and 1st respectively on the first day on December 5th. The scores from these three games put us in 2nd place on the ladder. The next round was played on December 12th will equally pleasing results; our placements were 6th, 2nd and 2nd during the three matches which pushed the team to first place on the GZ League ladder. The final event for the year was on December 19th and resulted in a terrific outcome for the players. We came 5th, 1st and 5th in the matches on the day which put us in 2nd place overall. With this incredible result, the team is more confident than ever to push their skills to the limit in the finals next month - stay tuned for some incredible PUBG in 2018!



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